Traditional Group Studio Pilates

Pilates has traditionally been taught in small groups with all clients following their own bespoke programme.  Our teachers will always be on hand to guide you and to ensure that you are using the correct muscles and technique.  These sessions are up to 75 minutes in length to allow you the time to work in depth on your body.

Small Group Reformer Classes

Our small group Refomer classes provide a balanced Pilates workout.  With a maximum of 5 clients per class, our teachers can ensure you get great results and don't injure yourself or waste your time.  Reformer classes run for 60 minutes.

Private Classes

With the full attention provided by a 1 to 1 Private class you can maximize your progress.  These classes suit clients with recent injuries or clients working toward a short-term goal.  Private classes are 60 minutes long.

Assessment Class

We require all new clients to take an initial Assessment class.  This allows us to take a history, assess your posture and needs and determine the best course of action for you.  These sessions are up to 90 minutes long and can include a Reformer class.

A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.
— Joseph Pilates

Class Prices

  • Initial Assessment Class £60. (up to 1 hour 30 min)
  • Traditional Group Studio Class (1 hour 15 min) £38,
    • Block of 5 £180 (7 wk expiry),
    • Block of 10 £320 (13 wk expiry),
    • Block of 20 £600 (13 wk expiry).
  • Evening Group Studio Class (1 hour) (after 5pm), £27,
    • Block of 10 £250 (13 wk expiry).
  • Small Group Reformer Class (1 hour) £27,
    • Block of 10 £250 (13 wk expiry).
  • Private Class (1 hour) £75.
    • Block of 10 £650 (13 wk expiry).

Reformer Class Schedule


Mon 9:30am
Wed 9:30am
Fri 9:30am                             


Wed 12:30pm
Thurs 12:00pm
Fri 12:30pm
Sat 1:00pm


Tues 6:30pm
Tues 7:30pm
Thurs 6:30pm
Thurs 7:30pm