Our Team

All our teachers were trained at Belsize Studio and are fully qualified in all Pilates equipment and Mat exercises.  They were certified by the highly regarded Pilates Foundation UK and completed over 18 months of full-time training including 1200 hours of training and hundreds of hours of supervised teaching. All of our team are fully trained in rehabilitation, post-surgery Pilates and pre/postnatal exercise.



Tai grew up in Brazil, the daughter of a physiotherapist and dance choreographer, she was performing and teaching dance from an early age.  After completing a BA in Hotel Management she came London to work in 1999.  She later switched to Pilates and qualified in 2007.  She has a particular interest in flowing, functional movement and in recent years has been working with circus performers to strengthen and rehabilitate their bodies.



Gerry came to Pilates to improve his posture and cure his low back pain.  An honours graduate from Cranfield Institute of Technology he decided to have a career change and qualified in Pilates in 2005.  He has a particular interest in the health benefits of Pilates and has continued his studies with a diploma in Clinical Sports & Remedial massage from London School of Sports Massage.


Athina was introduced to Pilates to rehabilitate a back injury.  Having experienced the benefits of Pilates she decided to have a career change and qualified in 2010.   She holds a MA in Human Resource Management and has used these skills to become a particularly sensitive and effective teacher.  She has a particular interest in neuromuscular re-education and enjoys restoring clients back to full functional health.