I have been going to Pilates classes at Belsize Studios for many years now …and I love it! It is a restful, thoughtful place where they give professional attention to your body and its needs. It keeps me feeling good.

Baroness Joan Bakewell

I just want to thank you for the care and the enthusiasm with which you conduct your classes! Since I started joining your reformer class 3 years ago I have grown one centimetre! Although I sit down most of the day, I do not suffer any more from back pain! Thank you! You are the best insurance policy for old age!

Alessandra Cavalli PhD

After 6 months of pain and countless physio appointments a friend recommended Belsize Studio.  I walked in in pain and walked out without pain.  I was astonished that a few simple movements could make such a difference. Many thanks to Tai and Gerry.

James, CEO